Pronomi Personali Soggetto/Subject Pronouns

Io  – I

Tu – You (sing.)

Lui – He

Lei – She

Noi – We

Voi – You (plur.)

Loro – They

*In Italian, because the verb indicates both person and number, subject pronouns can often be omitted.

(Io) ho fame – I’m hungry.

(Tu) hai visto Carol? – Have you seen Carol?

(Lui) ha gli occhi blu – He has blue eyes.

(Lei) ha chiesto di vederti – She asked to see you.

(Noi) abitiamo a Milano – We live in Milan.

(Voi) non dovreste fumare, vi fa male alla salute – You shouldn’t smoke, it’s bad for our health.

(Loro) hanno comprato una nuova casa – They have bought a new house.

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