Word of the day: Tavolo (Table)

Tavolo (ta-vo-lo) Masculine singular noun

Il tavolo – The table12705166_10156637499695602_7296225681585596426_n

I tavoli – The tables

Un tavolo per due, grazie – A table for two, thank you.

Puoi mettere le borse sul tavolo? – Can you put the bags on the table?

E’ una lampada da tavolo del diciannovesimo secolo – It’s a 19th century table lamp.

Tom e Martha hanno comprato due tavoli uguali – Tom and Martha bought two identical tables.

Non abbiamo il tavolo in cucina, solo in salotto – We don’t have a table in the kitchen, only in the living room.

E’ un bel ristorante ma ci sono molti tavoli ed è sempre pieno – It’s a beautiful restaurant but there aren’t many tables and it’s always full.

E’ un tavolo molto grande, non penso ci stia in cucina – It’s a very big table, I don’t think it will fit in the kitchen.

I ragazzi vorrebbero un tavolo da ping pong – The boys would like a table tennis table.

Abbiamo prenotato un tavolo per Martedì alle sette – We booked a table for Tuesday at seven.


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  1. jorgetavaraf says:

    Tavolo and tavola, it is the same thing?


    1. Hi Jorgetavaraf! Yes and no. The word “tavolo” (masculine) is used only to speak about the table as a piece of furniture; while the word “tavola” (feminine) is used to described the table as a place where people gather to eat their meals. So you can buy a “tavolo” but you will sit and eat at the “tavola”. I hope it helps


      1. jorgetavaraf says:

        Wow, very interesting, thank you so much!!!!


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