Word of the day: Fame (Hunger)

Fame (fa-me) Feminine singular noun

La fame – (the) Hunger

Ho fame – I’m hungry

Avete fame? – Are you hungry?

Joe ha detto che non ha fame – Joe said he’s not hungry.

Ma come è possibile che io abbia sempre fame? – How is it possible that I’m always hungry?

E’ brutto come la fame – It’s extremely ugly (“It’s ugly like hunger“)

Non ci vedo più dalla fame – I’m starving (“I’m so hungry I can’t see“)

Da ragazzo Luke aveva sempre una fame da lupi – As a boy Luke was always very hungry (“hungry like a wolf“).

Durante la guerra la gente pativa la fame – During the war, people suffered from hunger.

Fare lo sciopero della fame – Go on a hunger strike.

Crampi della fame – Hunger cramps

Fame nel mondo – World hunger

Essere a dieta non vuol dire soffrire la fame – Being on a diet doesn’t mean suffering from hunger.


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  1. Lyn says:

    I am enjoying learning a word a day. Most of them I already know, but because I don’t use Italian often it is nice for the reminders.

    Liked by 1 person

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