Word of the day: Biscotto (Biscuit/Cookie)


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Biscotto (bis-cot-to) Masculine singular noun

Il biscotto – The biscuit/cookie

I biscotti – The biscuits/cookies

Biscotto della fortuna – Fortune cookie

Vuoi dei biscotti con il tè? – Would you like some biscuits/cookies with your tea?

Scatola dei biscotti – Biscuit tin

Biscotto per cani – Dog biscuit

Formina per biscotti – Cookie cutter

Vuoi un biscotto? – Would you like a biscuit?

Assaggia i biscotti, li ho fatti io – Try the biscuits, I made them.

Ecco, prendi un biscotto – Here, take/Have a biscuit.

Quando sono uscita c’erano ancora due biscotti sul tavolo. Chi li ha mangiati? – When I left, there were still two biscuits on the table. Who ate them?

Non mangiare troppi biscotti o ti rovinerai l’appetito – Don’t eat too many biscuits or you’ll spoil your appetite.

Biscotti senza zucchero – Sugar free biscuits.



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