Wespeakitalian.org was created to help you learn and improve your Italian in a fun, free and easy way.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, wespeakitalian.org wants to help you boost your confidence and fluency in Italian.

We want you to learn Italian for free and at your own pace and this is why we created our “How to learn Italian in 5 easy steps” and “Useful Italian Phrases” sections.

Our unique word of the day section, with its audio files and sentences, is updated daily and it aims to help you broaden your vocabulary as well as improve your general understanding of Italian.

Our Useful Italian Phrases section, with its audio files, was created mainly to help you with daily life conversation in Italian but also to give you the chance to practice your listening and speaking skills. Just play our audio files and repeat after us to improve your spoken Italian.

Our native Italian teachers are here to help you learn and improve your Italian.

With us you’ll be ordering your own “caffè” in Italian in Milan or Rome in no time!


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