How to learn Italian in 5 easy steps

Italian is a beautiful language. It’s the language of art, love, fashion and, of course, of good food. So, how can you learn Italian for free and in your own time?

Well, if you want to learn Italian you can easily do so with these 5 easy steps:

STEP ONE – Listen! Practice your listening skills with songs and videos. Listening to Italian native speakers is the best way to develop your understanding of Italian. In our “Word of the day” and “Read with me” (coming soon) sections you can find audio files to help you improve your pronunciation and become more familiar with the language. For songs and videos, try looking up artists with clear pronunciation and fairly neutral Italian accent such as Fabrizio De Andrè, Lucio Battisti, Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini, 883, Noemi and Francesco De Gregori on YouTube

STEP TWO – Read! In order to improve your Italian, reading is definitely a key element to develop your vocabulary and understand how to correctly use each word. Our “Word of the day section” aims to introduce a new word, and it’s many possible uses, daily. Reading the news in Italian can be a very effective tool and you can try for short texts or La Stampa for longer ones. You can also (legally) download Italian ebooks for free from many websites. Italo Calvino, Alessandro Manzoni, Luigi Pirandello, Susanna Tamaro, Carlo Levi, Eugenio Montale e Fabio Volo are some authors that we advise you to look up.

STEP THREE – Speak! Ideally you could spend some time with a native Italian speaker but, if this is not possible, do not worry. Read out loud, sing, repeat after our audio files and record yourself while doing so; then listen to yourself and compare the recording with the original. This is a very effective way for you to improve your pronunciation. Soon will be able to offer a specific section to help you even more to improve your Italian.

STEP FOUR – Watch movies! Today most DVDs have the option to watch movies in Italian with Italian subtitles. Watching movies in Italian is a very good way to learn useful sentences that will help you improve your fluency and at the same time this will help you with your listening skills. Let’s not forget that when we speak we communicate with our words as well as with our body language, hence “watching a language” helps us assimilate and understand new words and expressions.

STEP FIVE – Have fun!


A presto and good luck from the team!!!